Giantex Adjustable Cap Gym Barbell Plates Body Workout Weight Dumbbell Set A Pair Of 64,44,33lbs (64 LB)

Manufacturer: Giantex

A pair of 64Ibs/ 44lbs/33lbs; And the Plates include the sand
Color: Black
Weight Limit:220 Lbs/220 Lbs/440 Lbs
Material: Propene Polymer (Plates) + Steel With Propene Polymer (Rods)
Size Of The Bar:18 Inches(L) X 25mm(Dia)/18 Inches(L) X 25mm(Dia)/14 Inches(L) X 25mm(Dia)

Weights: 64IBS: 8 X 2.5 Kg(5.5 Lbs) Plates, 4 X 1.25 Kg(2.75 Lbs) Plates, 4 X 0.75kg(1.65 Lbs) Plates 44IBS: 2 X 5 Kg(11 Lbs) Plates, 2 X 2.5 Kg(5.5 Lbs) Plates, 2 X 2kg(4.4 Lbs) Plates 33IBS: 4 X 2.5 Kg(5.5 Lbs) Plates, 2 X 1.5 Kg(3.3 Lbs) Plates

Price: $89.99